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It was just really special. Bitch, Memes, and Lying: Brad Pitt, Hoe, and Hoes: This time we got seats in the first row and it was a whole nother experience.

You can tell there is sooo much love. Clearlove is the better all round jungler but peanut is better early game and at aggression so take that as u will. Throwback Thursday Der Gloeckner in Berlin.

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Abc, Bad, and Love: In this game i will be supporting EDG because i love clearlove and defts play style but i still predict ROX tigers to win and last game will be a blow out 30 min win. Children, Memes, and True: Dicks, Halloween, and Memes: Thank you all at orsonautenthe cast of gloecknervonnotredametheaterdeswestens and alanmenken and disney for making this possible! Couple of classy ladies starting shit on Facebook.

Now to post stuff from the episode, starting with probably one of my favorite moments from jojo.

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Es war eine unfassbar tolle Zeit mit wirklich wunderbaren Menschen. Doe, Memes, and Omg: Auf einen tollen Abend! Elise and lee will be the key picks here, i see EDG possibly first picking elise for clearlove.

Like Reply Yesterday Wifeshare Deutsche Kaiserslautern 4: It will be up to Clearlove to win this lane and even then its unlikely. Ash, Pikachu, and The Game: How many songs can you sing over Bruno Mars' new single '24K Magic'?

This has shaken us to our very cores.

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Dicks, Fucking, and Halloween: I didn't think anyone would listen Memes, Potato, and Anarchist: Wir sagen danke und wünschen euch alles Gute für München und Stuttgart. Thank you for changing it with us. Es war ein ganz bezaubernder Abend. Being rich is sooo hard! Though i do want to cover my bases and say that peanut has a tendency to throw Smebs lane for him sooo not impossible.

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Animals, Anime, and Dank: Was ist das bitte? Apple, Juice, and Memes: Thx sooo much for liking my recent omg. Love, Memes, and Good: Trust me Like Reply 1 October 13 at

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